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About Me

Hi, I'm Rahul Goyal, a product manager at HPE and a CMU alum. I am the Host and Founder of Product Unfiltered.

I am an innovator who is passionate about entrepreneurship, tech for society, and developing lean processes and products.

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With experience and skills in all aspects of product management, I can own the complete lifecycle of the product right from problem discovery to launch and then iterating based on customer feedback.

Product Life Cycle

Working across different teams as a software developer, Marketing Executive, Sales Engineer has given me exposure to end to end product life cycle

Customer Experience

I evaluate every decision, action, and process through the lens of how it will impact the customer experience

Design Thinking

I always follow a holistic, human-centered approach that involves understanding the needs and perspectives of the people for whom I'm designing the solution

Lean Process

I am a green belt Lean Six Sigma certified and have expertise in building lean process and products.

Agile Methodology

In today's dynamic market, my approach towards any process is very agile and aligns with the super-flexibility principle.


bang luu.jpeg

Bang Luu, Systems Engineer - Dell Technologies

I have the pleasure to work with Rahul alot more this year. He is crucial to our success here in Florida. He and his team covers the entire Florida state. We, solution architects would ofter reach out to Rahul for all kinda helps and he has always there to assist. He always turns things around quickly and tasks are always on point and complete. We are very blessed here to have Rahul support my team. Thank you very much Rahul.

varun m.jpeg

I had a great Opportunity to work along with Rahul for nearly a year at PSS, Dell Technologies. Rahul is some one who has immense knowledge on Dell EMC products, Pre-sales/ Post sales Activities. He has strong hold on all internal tools which we were using to design On- Prem Infrastructure solutions as per the customers requirements.

vinnie maam.jpeg

Vinnie Khanna Mathur, DGM Marketing & Communications, Head- Student life & Engagement; Associate Dean, Shiv Nadar University

Rahul has played an integral role in development of Shiv Nadar University's cultural and technical environment and has worked in bringing revolutionary changes in the university clubs and societies, his zeal and passion to bring positive changes in the society is commendable. He is a true problem solver. The management skills he possess will surely help him achieve great success in the future. Rahul is a sincere and hardworking person. He is a true team leader, and always managed to foster positive atmosphere in the college.  I wish him all the best in future and a super successful career ahead!


My journey from India to Silicon Valley has only been an uphill battle. At CMU, I am studying the art of creating a product that can provide value for the society and its stakeholders while working with a cohort of the greatest brains from all around the world.

Few of my current courses includes: Product Definition and Validation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Foundations of Software Management, Software Engineering Management, Agile Marketing...

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